I’m a writer. I was trained to be a writer and that’s what I do. But it’s not everything that I do. Actually, I do a lot of things I was never trained to do and, over time, I’ve become fairly proficient at most of them. I’m a singer, a songwriter and a musician; guitar and drums. I’m a photographer; shooting portraits. I’m a filmmaker; documentaries and shorts. I’m an artist; manic abstracts of questionable ability.

“Oh, you do so many thing! You must be a very wealthy man!”

Yes, I do many things though I’m a very, very long way from being wealthy. But then, us creative types don’t write, play, paint, shoot and sing for money, do we? No, of course not. It’s art, dammit! We do it for love.

And love is blind.


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  1. The question is – can you do all those things at the same time?

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