The Genius Of Conventional Wisdom.

“The invention of the automobile will mean end of the road for the bicycle!”

Whoever ‘they’ were got that one wrong. Not only did the bicycle survive, it’s still going strong and with a design that really hasn’t changed in centuries.

“Audio cassettes will put the music industry out of business!”

That’s what they all said back in the 1970’s when recordable cassette tape came along. Of course, whoever ‘they’ were got it wrong. Very wrong. In fact, cassettes went out of business.

“The videotape will leave movie theaters empty and in the crapper!”

Didn’t happen, did it? And DVDs eventually killed off the VCR with movie theaters surviving both.

“The compooter will mean the end of paper!”

That’s what they all said when IBM and Apple went head to head in the early 1980’s. ‘They’ got it wrong again. People still need ‘hard’ copies of anything remotely important.

It seems the doom and gloomers and their prophecies of the end of times for various products, services and industries have always been around and it seems the louder they shout, the more wrong they are.

“It’s the end of the road for book publishers!”

They’ve been shouting that for a while now. Really? Don’t hold your breath.



About Tony Cane-Honeysett

Author, Filmmaker, Musician, Photographer.
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