Overheard Conversations.

Back in Starbucks again, huh? Your book nearly finished?


How long you been at it?

Oh…roughly…umm…about…eight years.


Yeah, I know!

How long is it?

How long is what?

Your book?

Oh…roughly…er….well…about…forty-six and a half pages.


Yeah…pretty long.

For a book? That’s not long at all. That’s not even book-length worthy.

No, that’s the first chapter. Still working on it. After that…zooooom!

Zoom? You’ll be dead before you finish it.

Wow. Thanks for the support, Mister Encouragement.

Well, come on! You’re going at a snail’s pace!

Take a closer look, pal!

Oh yeah, you are a snail. No wonder the keys on your laptop are all slimy. I apologize.


Can I help in any way?

Sure, get me another cappuccino.


About Tony Cane-Honeysett

Author, Filmmaker, Musician, Photographer.
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One Response to Overheard Conversations.

  1. jerrontables says:

    Ugh. Got the backspace and the space keys mixed up again. There goes two years.

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