Playing God.

It’s fun to play God. That’s what all us authors do when we write works of fiction. We invent worlds that can be real or fantastical. We give birth to our characters; decide whether they are tall, short, fat, thin, clever, sick, funny, dumb or crazy. We choose whether they fall in or out of love, realize their dreams, go broke, become famous, go to prison or die in a ditch.

It makes you wonder if our creator (assuming we have one and that we’re not merely biological flukes) works the same way. Are we all just existing in the imagination of a greater power? It’s a scary thought but when you think about it, life is just like being in a book. We’re all the main character – hero or villain – in our own personal book of life.

As well as I plan my schedule on any given day, stuff will happen that I didn’t see coming. An unexpected call, or email, or letter (remember those?) can really knock your day, or life, off kilter. Sometimes, events will happen that are so left of center there was no way of predicting them. But’s that’s life and it’s way stranger than fiction. And that’s exactly how it should be in any good book. When you can guess the end of a story before you’re close to finishing it, then all surprises are out the window and it can be a flat read, unless the writer can spin a yarn finer than a spider’s web.

So, write the unexpected. Avoid the clichés. Dare to be different. Play God.


About Tony Cane-Honeysett

Author, Filmmaker, Musician, Photographer.
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