I Know When To Go Out. I Know When To Stay In….

…and get things done, as David Bowie once sang. So, when you do go out to play and when do you stay in and write? That’s an easy decision for Minnesotan authors. I’ve spent that last seven years living in this frozen tundra. I’ve experienced winter temperatures of -40°F. I’ve never been so bloody cold in my life. The irony is that I left my hometown of London because I got fed up with the rotten weather and now I’m here. How? Why? It’s a long story that I’ll save for another day. But back to being frigid. I’ve seen snow so high I couldn’t open any door of my house to get out. I’ve even seen giant mounds of snow in June. So, the decision to go out or stay home is made considerably easier in the land of 10,000 frozen lakes. I’m not into ice fishing, ice hockey or cross-country skiing. Nor do I enjoy slipping on ice and landing on my head just to go get the mail at the end of my driveway. Yes, that’s happened more than once. Of course, the advantage of being stuck indoors means I get a lot of writing done. Tons of it. It’s a great way to escape into the written page. I’ve been churning out novels, screenplays and even these blog posts as I stare out at a freezing cold, white landscape. Of course, this does make me wonder whether I would be such a dedicated writer living in a warmer climate with the sun shining and the warmth of balmy temperatures enticing me outside. Well, I’m about to find out because I’m outta here. So long snowflakes! House goes on sale Tuesday. California, here I come!


About Tony Cane-Honeysett

Author, Filmmaker, Musician, Photographer.
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